Fore ‘n’ Aft 1942 12 24 (PDF)




Volume 2  No. 52


Cover: . . . Adeste Fideles — Always faithful—sings this Yard One plate shop quartet, and the words of the famous old Christmas carol spread from lip to lip throughout a war-torn America. A nation singing, fighting, working toward victory. In the quartet are, left to right, (back) shipfitters Leroy Smith and Harry Cohen; (front) shipfitters Gordon Leung and Nino Isola.

Snow Birds — Pipes, like men, must wear clothes that protect against heat and cold (V. E. Crane, Frank Davis, William Beretta, Homer Venable, Ralph E. Woods, Earl Rozar, Fred Manfredini)

Bonds for Bombs — Wages to bonds to bombs as shipbuilders pull a triple play on the Axis (Dick Feenstra, Bill McCaughan, Jack Schnetzler, Rudy Kienle, Jane Lammerman, Margaret Wood, William Regan, T. M. Bedford, L. A. Wilson, Joseph “Monty” Montagno, Fred E. Haase, Lowell Brown, Mrs. Kathryn Small, Mrs. Leona Rohde, Dale Nevitt, Mrs. Theo Stockton, Mrs. Elsie Sherwood, Mrs. Frances Vestal, R. J. Dee, W. Perrin, Marshall Kirk, W. Dahlund, L. Brown)

Women Counselors (Helen Foltz, Dorothy Lemon, Nell Tauby, Lois Beck, Mildred Walker, Jean Soukup, Jessie Hawks, Jean Hanson, Minnie Gardner)

Danger: Curls Ahead! (Betty Nelson)

War Prize Winners (Carl Glenn Warden, Robert Bernard, Rupert Bland, Kenneth E. Shaffer Sr.)

Why Is A Mast? — Sails may come and sails may go, but the mast — all 110 feet and 50 tons — is here to stay

Boring Detail — This little job on the great stern frame requires work to 5/10,000 of an inch (Jeff Stivers, C. L. “Red” Stoddard)

Gold Stars and Cold Turkey — Mr. C.W. Eliason of the U. S. Maritime Commission pays a compliment and issues this warning

Take a Bow Professor — A credit to his profession, his country, is this jive artist who really “gives” (Kay Kyser, Whitey Vance)

‘Tween Decks — Shipyard Miscellany

     Ferry Boat College

     Open Letter to Al Fountain (Kay Kyser, H. L. Arnett, W. Stalnaker, Thomas Garfield, Pete Cotton, Robert G. Bruce, Geo. Hoefling, H. L. Pruett, Edwin J. Carlson, H. R. Dumas, Leo Kandarian, Sam Garofolo, Edward Iorio, Dell Hayden, Kenneth Linaweaver)

     Golden Gloves Champion (Bob Blevins, Wes Mart, Doug Ellison)

     Carbone Copies (G. A. Carbone, Edward and Karel Carbone)

     Young Scrappers (Dorothy Jean Giffin, Robert Sides, Glenn Howach, Harold Sheldon, Miss Eleanor Danehy)

     Shipyard Branch Library

     Swing, Graveyard Posters

     Hose Mender (June Kast, Floyd, Evan and Muriel Kast)

     Songs, Shirts and Ships (Bill Darling)

Adolf Hitler Take Note!! (Mrs. William Ellis, Mrs. J. R. B. Ellis, Dorothy Jean Giffin, Mrs. Harry F. Morton, Daughter Myrtle, Mrs. John K. van der Schuur, Mrs. Betty Merrill)

Liberty Ships In Action — Convoy To Russia (“Rocky” Roccio)