Fore ‘n’ Aft 1942 06 04 (PDF)




Volume 2  No. 23

Cover: . . . Neatly coiled ropes form spirals of light in this exceptional picture taken by Ben Dobus, flanger in Richmond Shipyard Number Two. Ben also “shot” the popular anchor cover.


Free Job Insurance … Safety!

Salt Tablets

Safety Store

Stretching Gallons Saves Rubber, Too

New Courses

Notice Regarding Draft Deferments

Building a Forest “Upside Down”

Operations: Ships’ Gratings — Sidewalks On the Sea

Naval Orders

Equal Fillets Save Rods

Invest In Victory!

A Roof Over Your Head (J. W. Ross, Tony Ingerilla, Jerry Detels, Jay Krantzman, W. Rosenberg, G. W. Barringer, H. Herman, L. Junn, W. Brown, L. Cook, C. Mulohan, J. Fernando, R. Scothorn, M. C. Dana, J. Gregarious)

Sports (Jim “Dazzler” Clark (Therman Anglin), Dan O’Connor, Harold Norman)

Navy Fighter — Kid Francis (Bob Deschene)

Big Game Hunter (Dr. William N. “Dick” Whybrow)

Tiny Comes to Richmond (Claude E. “Tiny” Thornhill)

Bowling’s Over (Joe Hunter, Jack LaBoda, Bill Hildebrand, Rusty Francis, Joe Quinn, Ray Berger, Percy Choate)

What’s Happening In Softball?

Wrestles With Figures Now (Joe Crofts)

Even the Fish Are Surprised (E. Philbrick)

Bananas For Launch? (A. D. Lowe)

Now It’s Camp Clark (Camp Alpine Lake)

Prolific Inventor (C. W. Miller)

(Leland R. Marple, Bob Sage, Ted, Carson and Gordon Birmingham, Dorothy Oswill)

Hi-Yah, Chief? (Chief E. Serrano, Dolores and Emelia Serrano)

Shipyard Number Three Celebrates (A. B. Bryan, S. D. Raudenbush, Harry Lehmann, Jim Egan, Harry Lehmann, Hugh Williams, Morry Wortman, Ed Hannay, Jr., John Manis, Jack Anderson, Ken Allen, Jack Mery, Bill Stone, Dave Kaye, Bill Gleason)

(George Griffin, Betty, Volores, Polly, Katherine, Eldeen, and Helen Edwards, Irv “Curley” Taylor, Mel Sartain)

Well Protected (Ray St. Clair)

Congratulations (H. E. Davis, Harry Randall, Kenneth Counsil, Barbara Thompson, Bob Hill, Jay Williams, Mary Ausley, Jim Rossman, Alice Pye, Stephen O’Neill, Reba McClure, Howard Morris, Charlie Chase, Mary Louise, Ken Allen, Cecyle Herrington, Loye Watts, Peggy Ipson and Beth Downing, Harold Ipson and Bob Downing, Alta Bates, Stephen Earl, Susan Lynn)

Little Ones And Big Ones (Paul Feudner, Seth Parker, Dan L. Jensen)

The Winnah! (Jack Hay, Hal Klussman)

Song of the Shipyards (Glen Noyes, Bill O’Nion)

Transportation for Air Raid Classmen!