Flying Aces 1945 06 (PDF)


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Vol. 50 No. 3 ……. The Cover: Kodachrome Consolidated PB4Y-2 – By British Combine ……. Articles Inside: …

The Miracle of Radar By Winston Roberts

Some Sweat, Some Blood – No Tears Capt. Earl J. Wilson

Gliding for Sport By Ernest Schweizer

Our Indies Strategy By Alexander Kiralfy

Ground Birdmen

Plane Views

Curtiss Helldiver SB2C-4 (Full-page Picture)

Martin Mars JRM (Full-page Picture)

Engines and Aircraft Power

Picnic in the Sky

Aviation F.O.B By R. E. Iden

He is Expendable By Joe

The Same Only Different

Madcap Maneuvers By E. Sweeney

Outwitting Enemy Flak By Alexander H. Boone

Aeronautical Almanac By Niels C. Beck

11-Ton Boom

Aero Quiz

New Planes

Air Mail

News Within the Industry

Flying into Focus

Book Reviews

Flying Aces