Flying Aces 1942 12 (PDF)


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Vol. 43 No. 1 ……. The Cover: Five Answers to the Axis – By Artist August Schomburg ……. Articles Inside: …

Flying into Focus

Daylight Bombing May Defeat Germany By James L. H. Peck


So You Want to Join a Bomber Crew! By William H. Randall

War Flyers in the Headlines

Would the Loss of Caucasian Oil Ground the Red Air Force? By Lucien Zacharoff

Down Memory’s Runway

I Test-Flew the Manchester By Charles Kennett

Modern Planes Album

The Sky Trucks are Coming By Lawrence Merz Persons

Pot Luck By Joe Archibald

Know America’s Planes

The Feminine Touch By Harold W. Kulick

Light Plane Flying

Last Flight By Joel Wynfield

British Airplanes in Service

Sight Unseen

The Flying Elephants By Seton David. Jr.

With the Model Builders

Koolhoven FK-58 By Leonard Wieczorek

Flyabout Gas Job By Lawrence Reithmaier

Jap Zero Three-View By Ralph Tekel

Outdoor Hand Glider By Milton Kahn

Sunderland Solid Scale By Jack Baxter

Halberstadt Fighter W. W. Three-View By Gerald Maper

“Junior Miss” Commercial Ralph Tekel

British Troop-Carrying Glider By Martin Powell

You Said It!

Logging the Motor Market

In the Slipstream

All Questions Answered

America’s Newest Aces

Flying Aces Club News