Flying Aces 1942 08 (PDF)


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Vol. XLII No. 1 … The Cover :

United We Stand – Artist August Schomburg …….

Lead Articles : Bomber Crews are Tough! by F/O John L. Scherer

Boeing’s Go-Round House by Ray Gill

So You Want to be a Dive-Bomber Pilot! by William H. Randall

Coming: 250,000-Pound Flying Boats by Glenn L. Martin

Wrath of the Reapers by Donald E. Keyhoe

Check and Double-Check by Raymond Heron

29 Years of Air Fighting by Charles Kennett

Lockheed “Constellation” by Joel Wynfield

Spy and Ice Cream by Joe Archibald

Our Factories are Safe! by Ned Cady

Trouble-Shooting Groundling

With the Model Builders

Gull-Wing Sportster by Tom Mountjoy

News of the Modelers

U. S. Aero Squadron Insignia by Seton David, Jr.

Twin-Engine Westland Whirlwind by Ralph Tekel

AAF Boeing B-17E by Milt Kahn

Mustang Solid-Scale by Harry Appel

Guide for Airplane Spotters by George T. Weider

You Said It!

Logging the Motor Market

Flying into Focus

On the Light Plane Tarmac

America’s Newest Aces

War Flyers in the Headlines

Know America’s Planes

In the Slipstream

Modern Planes Album

Flying Aces Club News

Know the Enemy’s Planes

All Questions Answered