Flying Aces 1941 10 (PDF)


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Vol. XXXIX No. 3 … The Cover : Bellanca YO-50 – New Air Corps “Grasshopper” – Artist August Schomburg ……. Lead Articles :

Air Strength of the Soviet Union by Lucien Zochoroff

Wings of Mercy by John F. Hicks

The Air Corps has a Place for You! by Brig. Gen. Davenport Johnson

Raiders of Rangoon by Arch Whitehouse

New Airscrew for the Air Corps by Jack Kolton

A Real Cooperative Club! by Ned Cady

Details of the ME. ( Messerschmitt ) “Jaguar” by Leonard Wieczorek

Zoom Like It Hot! by Joe Archibald

Latest Curtiss Naval Trainer by Frank Mackay

“The Better to See With” by Ralph Tekel

What’s on the Inside? by Joseph Perry

The SBD-3 Gets Army Colors!

Anti-Aircraft Elephant by Jasper B. Sinclair