Flying Aces 1941 07 (PDF)


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Vol. XXXVIII No. 4 … The Cover : Brewster’s Latest Shipboard Navy Scout – Artist August Schomburg ……. Lead Articles :

N.C.O. Pilots – Why Not? by Major Fred Lord

Largest Engine Training Program by Nelson Packard

Get to the Front as a Pilot. by Capt. H. P. S. Greene

Test Your Aero Eye

Whats Ahead for Aircraft? by Lieut. L. J. McGowan

Superliners vs. Flying Boats by Frank Mackay

Code on the Keyboard by Arch Whitehouse

Martin – Then and Now by J. M. Friedland

U. S. Sponsers Mechanic Schools by Charles Yerkow

Know Your Air Corps by William H. Randall

“Seattle” Bombers for Britain by Joe Kopasz

Cargo Planes are Next! by H. R. Waddell

The Eyes Have It! by Joe Archibald

Stearman Completes 1,000th PT-17! by Jack Kolton

Stinson’s Latest by John F. Hicks

Flying Oddities by Robert E. Moore