Flying Aces 1941 06 (PDF)


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Vol. XXXVIII No. 3 … The Cover : Northrops for the Norsemen – Artist August Schomburg ……. Lead Articles :

From Model Builders to Luftwaffe – Full information on how the German Air Force expanded. by Charles Yerkow

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes – Skywriting pilots work on Heaven’s ground floor! by Jesse Davidson

Lure of the Liberators – Two men had been killed, and Trent and Crabb were next! by Donald E. Keyhoe

We Need Aerial Aircraft Carriers! Our coasts could be protected better with dirigibles. by W. H. Randall

Self-Seal Gas Tanks – Flaming fuel tanks will now be few in war. by John F. Hicks

That Cuban “Good-Will” Flight – Three flyers from Havana cover 12,000 miles. by Douglas Clifton

Fate Flies the Breda – Just a little red can, but it caused plenty of trouble! by Arch Whitehouse

Behind Factory Doors – The reason planes cannot be built like automobiles. by Frank Mackay

ME. Fame-Fact or Fancy? – Germany’s famed fighter dissected and inspected. by J. B. Rust

Jerry Prison Scamp – Phineas goes Bugattis in the belfry! by Joe Archibald

Hobby Becomes Career! – How a modeler became a successful manufacturer. by Robert E. Moore