Flying Aces 1941 01 (PDF)


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Vol. XXXVIII No. 1 … The Cover : New YP-43 High Altitude Pursuit – Artist August Schomburg ……. Lead Articles :

If I Were Air Corps Chief – A real, fighting flyer airs his pet peeves by Major Fred Lord

“We Were Bombed in Paris!” – The true story of that history-making raid by Lieut. Thomas McBride

Bombs Over the Bahamas – There was something ominous about that derelict vessel! by Donald E. Keyhoe

“Get Away from that Airplane!” – Why do pilots chase you? This article tells! by Donn H. Munson

The Silent Raider – Kerry Keen was looking for a plane that didn’t fly! by Arch Whitehouse

That Ol’ Devil Fog – Dante’s Inferno had nothing on Satan’s soup! by Charles Yerkow

Case Against an Independent Air Force – Should our air arm be separate from the Army and Navy? by Lt. Comdr. Lincoln

Crow de Guerre – P. Pinkham pulls a rabbit out of his hat! by Joe Archibald