Flying Aces 1940 08 (PDF)


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Vol. XXXVI No. 1 ……. The Cover: Strafing the Nazis in Norway By Artist August Schomburg ……. Articles Inside: …

Air Power Triumphs! – How military aviation has smashingly revolutionized warfare. By Arch Whitehouse

Fifth Column Cockpits – Down plummeted a thick-soled shoe, then Dick Knight went into action! By Donald E. Keyhoe

One Ace Against a Million – This Boche-battler became a bug-battler! By Louis DeJean

Horse of Another Cocarde – Phineas nearly gets it in the nag. By Joe Archibald

Balloons for a Breda – Which was the right one? “Coffin” Kirk had to choose, and choose fast! By Arch Whitehouse

Wings First – Death Second – Sub-Arctic skymen beat the Grim Reaper to the swish. By James Montagnes

Strafing the Nazis in Norway – Hitler is harassed in the North. The story behind our cover.

F.A. Sky-Hails the Fair! – Ed hurtles over the World of Tomorrow. By Herb Powell

With the Model Builders

Try this Porterfield-Turner By C. D. McCullough

Gas Jobbing in the Jug By Will F. Kelley

World’s Fair-est Models By Harold Kulick

Cardboard “Hurricane” By Herb Lozier

News of the Modelers

Contest Calendar

Logging the Motor Market

What do You Say?

Workbench Tips

The Henschel HS 126 By L. Wieczorek

Down Memory’s Runway

Modern Planes Album

Through the Aero Lens

All Questions Answered

Happy Landings

Now We’ll Ask You a Few

On the Light Plane Tarmac

Flying Aces Club News

Youth Air Movement News

Join the Flying Aces Club

The Airmail Pals