Flying Aces 1940 07 (PDF)


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Vol. XXXV No. 4 ……. The Cover: Raid on a Maginot Drome By Artist August Schomburg ……. Articles Inside: …

“I Trained Chinese Sky Fighters! – Stirring experiences of a Yank flyer on a wartime Canton cadet drome. By Capt. Kentrall

Down Memory’s Runway – Rare items from our old-photo file. First of a new special series

Junkers Juggernaut – Trent pits sleight-of-hand against sleight-of-death! By Donald E. Keyhoe

Raid on a Maginot Drome – Western Front flare-up! The drama behind our cover painting.

Eyes for the Air – How to be sky-sighted instead of hind-sighted. By Ned Cady

Dawn Parole – Phineas launches a laffing gas attack. By Joe Archibald

Airplanes Go Plastic – Super sleek ships are now phenagled out of “phenolics” ! By James P. Eames

Clipper Hi-Jack – “Crash” joins forces with “The Griffen”! An action-plus air yarn. Arch Whitehouse

With the Model Builders

The Hurricane! By Earl Stahl

News of the Modelers

Contest Calendar

Gas Up this Red Ripper By Jerry Peeples

“Bambino Bipe” By William Hadden

Logging the Motor Market

What do You Say?

Workbench Tips


All Questions Answered

Through the Aero Lens

Happy Landings

On the Light Plane Tarmac

Youth Air Movement News

Flying Aces Club News

The Airmail Pals

Join the Flying Aces Club

Now We’ll Ask You a Few

Modern Planes Album