Flying Aces 1940 06 (PDF)


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Vol. XXXV No. 3 ……. The Cover: Is the Red Air Menace Exploded? by August Schomburg ……. Articles Inside:

A Modeler Learns to Soar – Balsa Artist Bob got a new slant, and it took him right into the air. Robert McLarren

“This Squadron is Doomed!” – Dick Knight was utterly baffled. Then he climbed into, the wrong Romano. by Donald E. Keyhoe

Is the Red Air Menage Exploded? – What Finland discovered about Stalin’s scaring sky threat. Our cover story.

The Parachute Goes to War – Many new roles are being played by the fighting “silk” of ’40. by Dave Gold

Pharaoh and Warmer – Mummy’s the word as Phineas learned in short order! by Joe Archibald

Hats Off to Helena! – That city put its sky program over with a lot more than a bang. by Marvin Lupton

Pick-Up Pilot – A toy bell rang Grant Sayer right out of that DC-3, and into a Cadillac! by Arch Whitehouse

Model Makers’ Hanger

With the Model Builders

Plecan’s “Paragon” By Paul Plecan

News of the Modelers

Contest Calendar

“Mike” Gas Model by Gilbert Shurman

The Mosquito Sportster by E. Copeland

Logging the Motor Market

What do You Say?

Messerschmitt ME 110 “Destroyer” by J. Davidson

Workbench Tips

Republic’s Speedy XP-41 by Willis L. Nye

Departments and Features

They had What It Takes

The Airmail Pals


Modern Planes Album

Through the Aero Lens

All Questions Answered

Happy Landings

Now We’ll Ask You a Few

Aero Book Reviews

Flying Aces Club News

On the Light Plane Tarmac

Join the Flying Aces Club

Youth Air Movement News