Flying Aces 1939 10 (PDF)


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Vol. XXXIII No. 3 ……. The Cover: Red Jap War Begins! – Artist August Schomburg ……. Articles Inside: …

Fighters that Time Forgot – corpses would have veiled that mystery. But Dick Knight saw three! Donald E. Keyhoe

“I Flipped Myself Dizzy, For a Record!” – He gave ’em what they wanted, but he took plenty to do it! By D. Stevens…..

C’est La Goat! – Phineas Starts a rumpus with a ruminant. Joe Archibald

They Solved Their Puzzles with Planes – feature giving you plenty of ammo to fire at old fogies. Ed Cady

Death Strafes the Desert – Best man! That was “Crash” Carringer, until Fate stripped him of the title. by Whitehouse

The Red Jap War Begins!- , you can’t call it a “border incident” this time!Our cover story……

Youth Air Movement News – timely info about the CAA flight training program……

With the Model Builders

Build Our Cub Coupe by C. D. McCullough

Again The Nationals! by Zecchitella

Modelers’ News

Contest Calendar

“Petrel Gas Job by Nick Limber

What do You Say?

Workbench Tips

A Solid Handley-Page Hampden by C. J. Klabosh

They had What It Takes

Modern Planes Album

Snapshots of the War

Flying Aces Club News

Through the Aero Lens

Join the Flying Aces Club

On the Light Plane Tarmac

All Questions Answered

Happy Landings

Now We’ll Ask You a Few

The Airmail Pals