Evidence in Camera Vol 6 1944 01 17 nr 03 (PDF)



Keywords: Airfield of Maritza, Rhodes — End of the Scharnhorst — U-Boat sunk in the Atlantic — Enemy Naval Camouflage – South-bound destroyers at Dunkirk — Sperrbrecher at Rotterdam — Chief French ball-bearing works raided, C.A.M. Ball-Bearing Works at Ivry and Bois Colombes; Hispano Sulza Works — Great activity on Danish airfield – Aalborg — New use for invasion barges – smoke generators – Camouflaged Japanese paddle steamers — Landmarks on the Normandy coast 15 miles S.W. of the Seine estuary, Caen — Huge explosion in French barracks at Grenoble; Parc D’Artillerie and Caserne de Bonne — Cruiser Luigi Cadorna in Gulf of Taranto – Damage shipping at Nantes: Kumerland, Kertosono — Allied landing craft used for the invasion of Italy, Furci, Sicily