Evidence in Camera Vol 8 1944 12 11 nr 10 (PDF)




Cover drawing by Talmadge — The R.A.F.’s 12,000 LB. streamlined bomb used to pierce mass of concrete over a V.2 site, Saumur Tunnel

Area bombing in Ten-Tenths: Hamburg

Pinpoint bombing in Ten-Tenths: aqueduct carrying the Mitteland Canal over the River Weser at Minden

Night precision bombing by bomber command wrecks waterways vital to the Ruhr: Glane by-pass in the Dortmund-Ems, Mitteland Canal embankment at Gravenhorst

Day bombing in the forward area: towns of Julich and Duren

T.A.F. pinpoint bombing on bridges at Deventer

More German communications cut: Roermond

Saumur: ground photographs

3,323 tons on Bochum

Enemy tanker destroyed by coastal command

Ancient towns of Provence: Tarascon and Avignon


Arles, Narbonne, Nimes, Orange

Problem picture: hay cutting and raking