Evidence in Camera Vol 8 1944 09 18 nr 04 (PDF)




Destruction of Sperrbrecher off French Coast by Beaufighters and the Navy; HMS Diadem — Two More Sperrbrechers Sunk by Beaufighters of Coastal Command off Royan — The R.A.F. Rocket Firing Typhoon — The Retreating Enemy On The Roads Out of Normandy Being Attacked by Typhoon Aircrafts — The German Retreat Across The River Seine at Rouen — Damaged Railway Bridge Used By The Enemy For Road Traffic at Rouen — The River Seine West of Rouen During the German WIthdrawal — Mosquito Attack on S.S. Headquarters — German Jet-Propelled Aircraft at Lechfeld and Schwecht; Me 262 and Me 163 — The Me 163 at Peenemunde, Wittmundhaffen, Jesau, Zwischenahn — The Me 262 at Lechfeld, Leipheim, Rechlin/Larz — Problem picture: Find the Sixth Lancaster