Evidence in Camera Vol 8 1944 09 04 nr 03 (PDF)



24 pages

Entrance to the flying bomb store – St. Leu D’Esserent
The Messerschmitt works at KEMPTON (fromerly Spinnerei U. Weberei Kottern A.G.)
Fallersleben (Volkswagenwerke)
French resistance in the south of France – bridge at at Chateaubourg
Camouflage at .Junkers factory airfield at Augsburg
RAF day attacks, bomber command & TAF – Chateau de Fou, SS headquarters, school at Egletons, bridge at Etaples, Chateau Trevarez
Bomber command attack by daylight
Oil Refinery at Bremen / Oslebshausen
Bremen – Another Hamburg
A scene of devastation in the Bremen docks & Warehouses
Wrecks in Brest harbour: Clemenceau, Montcalm, Candolite, Krossfonn
US Air Force attack on Rabaul Harbour
Attack on submerged U-boat
Wreck of German troop carrier – liner Gneisenau, Gdynia
Damaged E and R boat shelter at Dunkirk and Le Havre