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Not every flyer goes rafting most won’t but there will be enough pilots and air crews dunked into the briny deep to make it a sound idea to get the dope now while you’re dry. Naturally most of us prefer to do our cruising at sea in an air-borne plane, rather than in a surface raft. Unfortunately, however, there is a bottom to all gas tanks and even occasionally a Nip may give you the wet seat. Or perhaps you’re just plain lost. That is just the time to steady down and take it easy. While you’re still in the air check your navigation once more. Did you make an error? Is it too late to fly back to the location you should have been heading for all the time? It would be a big help to your base to receive your corrected position they might even get a bearing from the transmission. All of this, of course, depends upon the tactical situation prevailing at the time.