Douglas Airview 1945 09 (PDF)


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Vol. XII No. 9 …… Cover: Charlotte Reineke rakes the fibreglass lawn, Mickey Proctor rests against the garden fence, and Louise Radcliffe hangs out an improbable washing in front of one of the neat bungalows that disguised the roof of the Santa Monica Douglas plant. Color photo by Jack Stanfield ……. Contents:

Horrible Henry and Old Number Nine – A Man and a Skymaster Conquer Aleutians

Green Death – How to Land and Live in the Jungle

Burma Trouble Shooters – Two Douglas Tech Reps on the Hump

Fire Away! – The “Goop” Bomb Did Its Share on Japan

Back from Eden – Shangri-La Eyewitnesses

Air Waves – NATS Waves on Skymaster Run

No Silver Wings – Seven Douglas Test Pilots

It’s Transportation, Ain’t It? – Douglas Cars and Drivers

War Paint Comes Off – End of Santa Monica Camouflage

“It’s The Best In The World, General” – A-26 Proves Itself in the Pacific

The Globemaster – Douglas’ Gigantic C-74 Unveiled

Fence Me In

The Home Shift

The Atom Bomb Was an Idea Too

Trim Figure

Boop Droop

By Television