Douglas Airview 1945 07 (PDF)


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Vol. XII No. 7 …… Cover: The bright yellow interior of the new Southern California Cooperative Wind Tunnel, looms enormous above the head of the girl placed on the floor for comparison. The huge vanes turn the wind around a right angle corner with minimum loss of force. Entrance hatch in foreground. Photograph by Lew Nichols. ……. Contents:

25,000 Miles — Five Days – Skymaster and Correspondent Tour Pacific

Aerodynamic Week-End – Douglas Gliding Engineers Take Busman’s Holiday

Three Queens – Three of the “Old Reliables” Prove It

All in a Day’s Work – C-54’s Take the Hump In Their Stride

They Fly Everywhere – Round-up of Douglas All Over the World

Mercy Mission – Aboard an Okinawa C-54 Hospital Plane

The Flying White House – Chief Executives’ Private Skymaster

It Doesn’t Need Engines – Skytrain Transformed Into Army Glider

Give Me My Boots and Saddle

The Home Shift

A Better, Faster Way

They Came, They Saw

Betsy Ross

First Dip

Home From the Wars