Douglas Airview 1945 06 (PDF)


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Vol. XII No. 6 …… Cover: Clyde Provonsha pictures the C-54 over a Chinese village. The Skymaster, having shriveled the distances in Europe, is now turning its full attention to the vast distances of the Pacific and the East. ……. Contents:

Pay-off for the Paratroops – Rhine Air-borne Crossing Was the Ultimate

Plane Tailors – Needle and Thread are Still Used on Planes

How to Raise a Garden – Many Victory Gardens Raise Peculiar People

The Supergun – The A-26 Fires From the Hip

The Last Big Target – A-20s, First to Fight, In on the Kill

Flight Clerk – Mighty Important in ATC are Flight Clerks

The Telephone Takes to Wings – Wire-Stringing C-47s String Wire

The Air We Fly In – The Basic Stuff of Life and Flight

Almost Real – Students Learn on “Make-Believe” Planes

Cleanup in New Guinea – Nip-Mopping Aussies Supplied by Air

Wings of Peace – San Francisco Delegates Fly Douglas

Okinawa Express – R5Ds Land on “Okie” as Battle Rages

Sing Out, Sweet Land

The Home Shift

Men of Ideas

Low Flying Bird

At Douglas — They’ve Got Everything!

Bashara the Basher

Look, Dames

Big Fella Boy