Douglas Airview 1945 02 (PDF)


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Vol. XII No. 2 …… Cover: Clyde Provonsha depicts a Skymaster circling for a landing above romantic Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Sugar Loaf Mountain in the background. ……. Contents:

Crescent Caravan – ATC C-54 Route to India

Flak – An Inside Look at Anti-Aircraft

Quiet, Please – More Engines, But Less Noise

Life at the Employment Office – Cutler Sketches Douglas Freshmen

Blood Plane – C-47 Flies the Perishable Whole Blood

Soft Seats for GIs – New Military Transports Are Fancy

These Are Our Weapons – Typewriters and Micrometers Are War Tools

Twenty Questions – A Quiz for Douglas People

First Flight From the Philippines – Skymaster Looked “Mighty Good”

First On Mindoro – A C-47 Skytrain Leads Them In

Button Up Your Overcoat

The Home Shift

It Pays to Think

Baked Beans and Curry

Things to Come

Will Cigarettes Replace Money?

The Larimores Go to War

The Champ Takes All Comers

Last Wasp ( Nancy Harkness Love – Pilot and Beatrice Medes – Co-Pilot of C-54 )