Douglas Airview 1944 12 (PDF)


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Vol. XI No. 12 …… Cover: Clyde Provonsha, inspired by the flights of Douglas SKYMASTERS to every corner of the warring world, depicts an Army C-54 high in the air over the Arc de Triomphe, in liberated Paris. ……. Contents:

Airway to the Philippines – Navy R5D Skymasters have opened the Pacific Airlines

Out of the Ashes – Douglas Chicago rebuilds after the fire

These Are Our Weapons – The Lathe and Drop Hammer come out of the past

From Idea to Combat – War has speeded improvement of aircraft

Iron Man of Dive Bombing – Major E. G. Glidden flies mission number 104 in a Dauntless

Faster, Farther, Fiercer – The A-26 is in action

A-26 Attack on Jap Seaplane Base – Harper Goff pictures New Guinea A-26 at work

Now You See It – Research Design makes hydraulic system in Lucite

They Go Everywhere–See Everything – ATC Skymasters tour the world with war cargoes

For VIP Only – A veteran C-53 is made a general’s luxury ship

Portrait of Shangri-La – Photos of the lost New Guinea valley

Oklahoma Okay! – C-47 production gets “E” flag for Douglas O. C.

Here is the Record – General Arnold tells the score to date

Ten Pin Alley

The Home Shift

The Very Idea!

A Little of Everything

The More-So Torso

Just One!

Hold That Tiger