Douglas Airview 1944 09 (PDF)


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Vol. XI No. 9 …… Cover: A South Pacific Paratrooper, down in the jungle, prepares to shed his harness. His camouflaged ‘chute blends with the jungle growth as perfectly as does his jungle suit and painted helmet and face. – U.S. Army photograph. ……. Contents:

Trucking and Mercy, Inc. – Skymasters bring supplies to Saipan

Fighting with Pictures – 1st Motion Picture Unit teaches with camera

On the Negative Side – Hard-working cameramen are all over the shop

What! A B-47? – A Skytrain plays Fortress for bunch of Japs …… .

As Pretty Does – Assembly line lovelies keep pretty at work

Next Stop – The Philippines? – C-47s hop our fighters over enemy barrier

Air-Age Artist – Geo. Barford, Chicago artist, interprets Douglas

This is Oklahoma City – Oil, cotton, cows make a great city.

Twenty Questions – Another Quiz for Douglas people

The Fourth Front – Again the Skytrains pace over-water invasion

“Old Miscellaneous” Comes Home – Oldest C-47 in So. Pacific service comes home—Johnny Comes Marching Home – DC-3s come home and go to work again—Tulsamerican – Last Liberator leaves the Tulsa line—Get That Idea Off Your Mind

The Home Shift

Mod’s Day in the Sun

My Lady Nicotine

Hollywood Housing

Pocket-size Art