Douglas Airview 1944 08 (PDF)


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Vol. XI No. 8 …… Cover: Clyde Provonsha paints Invasion Dawn – June 6, 1944. C-47s loaded with paratroopers and towing gliders filled with equipment and more men, roar over the English Channel. ……. Contents:

Two Lifetimes in Three Hours – C-47 invasion pilot finds going rough

They Paved the Way to Victory – Salute from the Navy to the last SBD

Little Brass Brains – How a few of the flight instruments work

Zero-Hour Bombing – A-20s soften up the German fortress

“Always Ready” – Douglas men serve extra time in Coast Guard

Family Day at Douglas – Frank Adams cartoons employes’ open house

To Africa Through the Ice – Famous correspondent circles half the globe

Skymaster in the Aleutians – Harper Goff depicts, in color, polar Skymaster

This is Santa Monica – Another Douglas City sits for its portrait

There Is a Shangri-La – Skytrain finds a lost people in New Guinea

Burma Invasion – Myitkyina Airfield opens door to Burma

Sooner Sweethearts

The Home Shift

Aircraft Ideology

Please Send at Once!

Under the Wire

Horseless Carriage

The Paychecks Must Go Through

Big Wind

One’s Holdrey and the Other’s Aubert

The Army Shows

Ars Gratia Arits

Got the Time Buddy?