Douglas Airview 1944 07 (PDF)


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Vol. XI No. 7 …… Cover: Eugene H. Reynolds, with the tools of the trade he has practiced for 44 years – class A tool and diemaker. He was photographed in color by Jack Stanfield in the tooling division of the Douglas Santa Monica plant, where he has been employed since 1940. ……. Contents:

Paper Leadmen – Job Instruction booklets revolutionize methods

Wau – C-47s come to aid of New Guinea airstrip

Lend-lease – Douglas planes fight from Mexico to Russia

Choo-Choo Baby – Douglas model builders’ miniature railway

“Boomtown” – Bomb-loading plant workers are clean, careful

Jet or Propeller? – Two El Segundo engineers disagree

Four-Motored Carrier Pigeons – The Army is today a global postman

This is Tulsa – A photographic story of one Douglas city

The SBFD – Navy awards “F” for fighter to Dauntless

Invasion by Air! – C-47s spearhead history’s greatest invasion

“Grand Right and Left” at Tulsa – Wilson Cutler sketches square dance

Dugout Dollies

The Home Shift

Plant a Suggestion

“Chicago Daze”

From Colossal to Colossal

Tom Swift and His SBD

Should Girls Birl?

The Plastic Age

Help for Shorty