Douglas Airview 1944 06 (PDF)


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Vol. XI No. 6 …… Cover: Clyde Provonsha paints an American carrier going into action with the red speed pennant at the top of the truck and an SBD heading for a rendezvous with the enemy. ……. Contents:

Airline Toward Tokyo – Trans-Pacific C-54s hop from former Jap atolls

Parachute Bombs – The A-20s weapon for parked planes, personnel

Letters to the Editor – Some beefs, bouquets and questions in the mail

Combat Navigator – Airman’s diary gives inside combat experience

The Password Was Mandalay – Eyewitness tells of glider Burma invasion

Carrier Action on Canvas – Reproduction of famous Abbott Navy art

Death of the Shoho – Harper Goff paints climax of the Coral Sea

The Fifteen Army Air Forces – Insignia of American airmen around the world

Twenty Questions – A third quiz for Douglas people

The E Comes Home – The “dad” plant earns highest award

3000 Mile Production Line – How Tulsa is backing the “extra” C-47 drive

Tenderfoot Stampede

The Home Shift

Now is the Time to be Suggestive

Eat Your Roughage, Rover

It Just Growed

At the Nation’s Ear