Douglas Airview 1944 02 (PDF)


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Vol. XI No. 2 …… Cover: Clyde Provonsha, Douglas artist, has drawn the inside close-up of a hospital C-47 nurse at work. She is administering plasma to an American veteran of Italy while the ship is swiftly carrying him and his wounded companions to safety and comfort at the rear. ……. Contents:

Wings for the Wounded – C-47 hospital ships bring out casualties

Rube Goldberg Is a Piker – Strange doings in research hollow

Hell Bent from Heaven! – What makes a bomb tick – and bang

The Doughboy’s Best Friend – A first-hand tribute to the A-20

It All Comes Back to Workmanship – Report on the performance of the C-47

It’s the Woman Who Pays – Bobby pins and girdles enlist

They Fight Without Guns – War correspondents can die, too

Old Home Week in the Pacific – Jap battlefront looks like Clover field

Photos by Douglas – Douglas cameras find beauty in planes

Plane Janes – Hurrell’s impressions of Douglas Well, It Happened This Way – The story of the M-2 and the Dolphin

That Old Black Magic – How night-fighting P-70 pilots train

Home for Christmas

The Home Shift

Thinking Will Make It So

In the Spotlight

We’ll Drink a Cup of Kindness Yet

It Ain’t a Fit Night Out

Coke and Swing