Douglas Airview 1943 05 (PDF)


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Vol. X No. 5 …… Cover: C-47s spill their load of paratroopers, the varicolored parachutes marking men, ammunition, guns and supplies for a rendezvous in enemy territory. Drawing by Clyde Prevensha, Santa Monica illustrated Parts Catalogue department ……. Contents:

Guadalcanal Fast Freight – World’s only unarmed fighting planes

Home Life on Guadalcanal – Fox-hole housekeeping under difficulties

What Makes It Fly? – The why of motors and superchargers

The Wooden Giant – Three million board feet of warplane plant

Faith, Rope and Hilarity – Adventures, disasters of three roving bachelors

Douglas Foreign Legion – Kudus and ice cream on Douglas African project

American Amalgam – Faces from far places at Douglas

Prelude to Victory – A-20s rip the panzers apart in North Africa

Leather Bound Lifesavers – Douglas instruction books save planes and lives

Voices on the Radio – Douglas people featured in broadcasts

F. D. R. at Douglas Tulsa – The President takes a first-hand look

The Home Shift

In the Spotlight

Ideas to Win the War

Junior Will Be Cooking with Gas

Boston Strong Boy Is Still Champ

Helen’s Bomber

Hit ’em up and Knock ’em Down

Fly in July

Brass Hats and Rivets