Douglas Airview 1943 04 (PDF)


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Vol. X No. 4 …… Cover: Charlotte Reinecke of Santa Monica working in the bombardier’s compartment of a Douglas A-20 Havoc, America’s fastest bomber. From photograph in natural color by Paul Hesse, nationally famed photographer. ……. Contents:

“Whistling Willie” – China National’s flying sieve

We Go and Get It – Feeding Douglas workers is big business

Many Bonds Today – The Treasury flag flies over five plants

Their Pictures in the Paper – Douglas people featured in the news

What Makes It Fly? – An aerodynamicist tells why is a wing

Designs for Duty – A famous clothes designer has new ideas

Handy Handies – Every little movement has a meaning all its own

Ten Ideas for Victory – Workers’ suggestions to increase production

Douglas Reports on Wages – Company is first to compete reclassification

With Douglas Around the World – News from here, there and everywhere

Sports – Santa Monica

Sports – El Segundo

Sports – Long Beach

The Home Shift

In the Spotlight

Breezing Around Santa Monica

Keeping Up with El Segundo

What’s Doing at Long Beach