Douglas Airview 1943 03 (PDF)


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Vol. X No. 3 …… Cover: Douglas A-20 Havoc doing the work it does best – roaring low over battlefields, its bombs and guns blasting a path for tanks and infantry. From a watercolor painting by Lawrence Kronquist …….

Contents: El Segundo Wins the E – Workers honored by Army and Navy

Douglas Town on the Mojave – Out near Daggett is a new Douglas community

Skytrains in Africa – Douglas C-47s become war trucks

New Guinea Skytrains – World’s first all-air war

Melody in 4-F – With pen and camera through airplane factory

With the Flying Tigers – Hundred A-20s would have saved Burma road

Down the Alley – Marine flyer’s own story of Guadalcanal

Accomplishment Comes with Ideas – Workers’ suggestions increase production

Douglas Company Annual Report – Achievements of the first year of war

With Douglas Around the World – News from here, there and everywhere

Sports – Santa Monica

Sports – El Segundo

Sports – Tulsa

The Home Shift

In the Spotlight

Breezing Around Santa Monica

Keeping Up with El Segundo

What’s Doing at Long Beach

Tune In with Tulsa