Douglas Airview 1943 01 (PDF)


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Vol. X No. 1 …… Cover: Douglas dive bomber. As the Navy’s SBD Dauntless it has sunk more enemy ships than any other airplane. As the Army Air Forces’ A-24 it is also designated the Dauntless. Kodachrome photograph by Bob McCormack, Tulsa. ……. Inside Back Cover: The Army’s Douglas Havoc, A-20, in striking aerial shot by Vic Haveman. ……. Contents:

Death of the Hornet – Eyewitness report of last battle of a flat top.

Wishing Won’t Win the War – Boeing service man gets things off his chest.

England to Tunisia – Douglas C-47s in record paratroop attack.

African Shangri La – First story of Douglas1 African airplane factory.

Seadrift – New York to Los Angeles by sailing ship.

Blood Bank – Employes’ blood will save lives on battlefields.

Britain’s Best – Avro Lancaster is studied by American engineers.

Introducing – A. C. Salbraith, manager of employe counselors.

Block Buster – America’s one-ton bomb is deadly weapon.

Your Ideas to Win the War – Shop suggestions speed war production.

Cream of the Crop – Santa Monica’s candidates for Queen of Sweethearts.

With Douglas Around the World – News from here, there and everywhere.

Aircraft Production Chief – C. E. Wilson of War Production Board is visitor.

Sports – Santa Monica

Sports – El Segundo

Sports – Long Beach

Sports – Tulsa

In the Spotlight

Breezing Around Santa Monica

Keeping Up With El Segundo

What’s Doing at Long Beach

Tune In With Tulsa