Douglas Airview 1941 08 (PDF)


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Vol. VIII No. 8 …… Cover: A dramatic flight photograph in kodachrome by Harold Jackson, El Segundo chief photographer, of the Air Corps’ newest dive bomber, the Douglas A-24, in a vertical bank. Similar versions of this airplane are now in service with the Army, Navy and Marine Corps. ……. Contents:

Havens of Healing to Guard Our Health

More Pay


Weather Control

The Air Corps’ Own Airline

White Death

Color Presentation


With Douglas Around the World

Here, There and Everywhere

Mechanized Production

With Us this Month

Bowline Bites


Douglas Athletic Club Sports

Douglas Athletic Club Activities

Sports – El Segundo Plant

Rambling Reporter – El Segundo Plant

Rambling Reporter – Santa Monica Plant

Running Lights on the Night Shift

Rambling Reporter – Long Beach Plant

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