Douglas Airview 1941 06 (PDF)


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Vol. VIII No. 6 …… Cover: An impressive flight formation of four powerful Douglas A-20A attack bombers photographed in Kodachrome by Harold Jackson, El Segundo. The pilots, bottom to top, Lieut. Charles Westover, son of the late General Westover, Chief of the Air Corps; Lieut. Jack Maney; Lieut. A. Watson; Capt. Richard B. Stith. Photo taken from Douglas SBD-3 piloted by Robert Lacey. ……. Contents:

Long Beach Production Begins

Artistry for Defense

Feminine Hands Aid Production

King of Vagabonds

To Show Our Colors

With Douglas Around the World

Here, There and Everywhere

First Flight

Entertaining the Boys Who Fly Them

Bowline Bites

Tennis Season Opens with Tourney, Matches

Service Awards Go to 15, 20 Year Men

Shop Suggestion Awards for the Month

Douglas Athletic Club Sports

Douglas Athletic Club Activities

Sports – El Segundo Plant

Rambling Reporter – El Segundo Plant

Rambling Reporter – Santa Monica Plant

Running Lights on the Night Shift