Douglas Airview 1941 04 (PDF)


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Vol. VIII No. 4 …… Cover: Side by side – Douglas attack bombers for U. S. Army Air Corps and Britain’s Royal Air Force move on tracks through final assembly department. Color photograph by Don Black of the department of public relations. ……. Contents:

Speed Records Fall

Aircraft Production Lauded by OPM Chief

Western Air Celebrates 15th Birthday

Pressure for Defense

Cutting Capers with Neptune

Voters Decide Municipal Airport Fate

“We Can’t Lose,” Says Canadian Air Chief

With Douglas Around the World

Here, There and Everywhere

Hemisphere Guardian – Ready to Test

With Us this Month

Bowling for Britain

Douglas Bowlers Down Lockheed

Bowline Bites

Douglas Athletic Club Sports

Douglas Athletic Club Activities

Sports – El Segundo Plant

Rambling Reporter – El Segundo Plant

Rambling Reporter – Santa Monica Plant

Running Lights on the Night Shift