Die Woche 1940 11 06 nr 45 (PDF)


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“Ohm Kruger” – Film of South African ‘boers’ against the English
75 years of the Postcard. The trigger to the spreading of – The War of 1870/71
Alarm – Firing with the German long range cannons at the coast
Did France have Naval importance? by Rear Admiral Gadow
For German world recognition ( Men contributing to this: Friedrich Wilhem, Kaiser Karl VI, Bartholomaeus Welser, Carl Peters, Alfred von Tirpitz, Adolph Woermann, Albrecht von Stosch, Juergen Wullenweber, Hermann von Wissmann, Johan Cesar Godeffroy and Adolf Luederitz )
Freedom of the seas by Rear Admiral Lutzow
From the Galley to the Battleship by Capt. at Sea Professor von Waldeyer-Hartz
Germany and England by Capt. z. S. a. D. Widenmann
The sea is also German habitat. by Admiral Adolf von Trotha
Why do world empires emerge? Europe’s historical mission by Dr. Ernst Lewalter