Die Seeflieger 1942 04 nr 04 (PDF)



Retrieving a hydroplane by a sea-rescue ship; painting by Oskar Dolhart … Flugsicherungsschiff – sea rescue ship in action; photos by Werft DW. Bremen, Elmshorn1; Presse-Illustrationen Hoffmann … Ar 196 attacks; photo by war correspondent Aubele … 20th of April – the Fuehrer’s birthday – trust without any reservation … Urlich von Hutten … Staffel Wappen – Squadrons emblem or coat of arms; photo of an officer pouring down champagne on a soldier’s shoulder insignia; photo of Herfeld … German destroyer; painting by Oskar Dolhart … Canada in war by Dr. Heinz Hoepl … BV 138 in rollover maneuver … German soldiers have no names … Wedding in Singapur; story by Th. Alexander … Caricature by Garvens … Wuerttemberg … more humor