Der Adler English Edition 1943 03 23 nr 06 (PDF)


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Cover: At the Pneumatic Drill – Riveters at work in an aircraft factory. Thousands upon thousands of German women are already busy in the armaments industry, and other hundreds of thousands are now following the call of the nation under the slogan of all-out warfare. / Photograph Weltbild ……. Articles Inside: … Encircled Troops / PK Written and photographed by Pfeiffer (Sch), war correspondent ….. Break-through. / Written and photographed by Haas (Wb), war correspondent ….. The Reich Marshal with his Division – The Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Luftwaffe inspects Units of the Hermann Goering Division. / By Kudicks war correspondent and W. Meyerheim ….. Regia Aeronautica Established Twenty Years Ago – A Proud Anniversary of the Italian Air Force. / Photographs by courtesy of the Italian Air Force ….. Anti-Aircraft Artillery Cracks Blockhouses. / PK – photographs by Koltzenburg (Wb), correspondent ….. The Youngest Wearers of Airmen’s Blue – Schoolboy Helpers with the Air-Raid Defence. / Specially photographed for the Adler Dr. H. Franz ….. Only a Cigarette. / PK – photographs by Bueschel, Hermann (Alt), Kempe (Wehrbilderdienst), Niermann and Rauchwetter, correspondents ….. When Germans Stick Together, They Can Chase the Devil Out of Hades / Bismarck ….. In grateful recognition of their his efforts in the struggle for the future of our nation the Fuehrer awarded the Oak Leaves with Swords to the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross to Major Alfred Druschel ….. Hauptmann Hermann Hogeback and Hauptmann Helmut Bruck were awarded the Oak Leaves to the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross ….. How They Won the Knight’s Cross: … Flight Lieutenant Besler KIA … Flight Lieutenant Prince of Sayn-Wittgenstein … Flight Lieutenant Rudolf Schmidt … Flight Lieutenant Pritzel … Flight Lieutenant Hachfeld KIA … Flying Officer von Wangelin … Flying Officer Taeger … Pilot Officer Burkhardt … Pilot Officer Krupinski and Pilot Officer Miethig ….. Like the Tentacles of an Octopus – Expansion of Pan-American Airways at British Expense. / By Dr. Heinz Orlovius ….. Women Auxiliaries. / PK – photographs by Boback, Genzler, Eisenhart, Engelmann, Lyziak, Kestner and Zwirner PBZ war correspondents ….. Guerilla Raid near the Railway Station at S. – Three Light Signals warn the Transport Train of a Luftwaffe Construction Battalion. / By Major Peter Streck ….. Bulgarian Furs for Airmen. / Photographs by Dr. H. Franz ….. Jumping in Powdery Snow. / Photographed by Dr. H. Franz ….. Dancers Pose as Models – In the Studio of a Berlin Sculptress. / Photographs by von Moltke, Thurmann ( Presse-Hoffmann ) ….. Renate Snaps the Inhabitants of Berlin. / Photographs by Berlin-Film ( Borchmann and Veit ) ….. Opera in Kiev. / Photographs by Hartmann and Weltbild ….. Low-Level Flight. / By Hauptmann Haenel ….. Dora Komar in new film Carnival of Love ….. Wireless Operator Erich Pausin. / PK – photographs by Ott (Sch), war correspondent ….. Pastime ….. What is That? ….. Ice Carnival Cartoons