Der Adler English Edition 1943 01 12 nr 01 (PDF)



32 pages
Hermann Goering – the Reich Marshal
The Hermann Goring Division – A Special Service Formation of Our Luftwaffe; by Kurt A. St. Jentkiewicz; Captain Rossmann
A Reckoning to be Proud Of – What a German Bomber Group Destroyed in the Course of 30,000 Flights Over the Enemy
Only a Combat Report – Changing The Pilot’s Seat Twice
8.8 cm Anti-Aircraft Guns Move Into Position
Substitutes More Durable Than Natural Material: Staple fibre, Pe-Ce, Perlon – The German Textile Fibres; by Robert Bauer
Six Times Capsized – wounded and adrift in a rubber dinghy for fifty-two hours
Staff Train XZ Ready For Duty
The Sheikh’s invitation to Couscous
Women as Assistant Electricians
Terra Film ” Ponies ”
Serum for the Front
Life-lines in the Ether
And the End is a Pile of Wreckage – down US bomber with crew – John R. Benett of Charlestown, Crawford of Seattle and a mechanic from Washington