Der Adler English Edition 1942 12 29 nr 26 (PDF)


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Cover: The Youngest German General ……. Colonel Galland, one of the most courageous German officers, has been specially distinguished by his promotion to Major-General. He is now 30 and was the second German soldier to receive the Oak Leaves to the Knight’s Cross with Swords and Diamonds. As Inspector of Fighter Pilots and successor of the unforgettable Werner Moelders, he has done remarkable work in the further development of that branch of our Luftwaffe. / Heinscher Photograph (Sch) ……. Articles Inside … The Counterthrust – German Supplies For Tunis / PK photographs by the war correspondents Hielscher ( PBZ ) and Kark ( HH ) ….. The Front in the Dark – Parachutists Combat Guerillas / PK photographs by war correspondent Stickers ( HH ) ….. Air Combat with a Sunderland Flying-Boat – An Arado 196 plane stands the acid test / By Oberleutnant Reuter, Pk drawings by war correspondent Filipowsky ….. A Night With The Flak – Anti-Aircraft Battery Breaks Up Night Raid By Enemy Bombers / PK photographs by war correspondent Sperling ( Sch ) ….. The First to Contact the Enemy – The Quiet Work of Our Long-Distance Reconnaissance Pilots / PK photographs by war correspondent Hagens ( HH ) ….. The Messerschmitt Me 109 Fighting Plane ….. Improvisation in Desert Warfare – Husbands in Uniform, Rock Gardens in A Lunar Landshape, The Cave Bar, Struggle with Lethargy, The Marvel of the Solid House / By Oberleutnant Fritz Dettmann, Photographs Scherl-Bilderdienst, Schlsser and private exposures ….. Oak Leaves to the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross – Hauptmann Buesen, Hauptmann Kindler, Hauptmann Lang and Oberleutnant Boerst ….. How They Won the Knight’s Cross – Hauptmann Schmidt, Hauptmann Resch, Hauptmann Fick, Oberleutnant Quednau, Oberleutnant Von Bargen, Oberleutnant Putz, Oberleutnant Stry, Leutnant Semelka, Oberfeldwebel Ahnert, Feldwebel Hafner, Feldwebel Mevisseh and Obergefreiter Schulte ….. Christmas Packages For The Russian Front / Written and illustrated by Dr. H. Franz ….. Pursuit Planes on the Mediterranean / PK photographs by the war correspondents Rheinlaender ( Sch ) and Ketelhohn ( Sch ) ….. Pampered Darlings – German Soldiers as Animal Lovers / PK photographs by Schubert, Zwirner, Klink ( Wb ), Wahner, Eisenmann, Hermann, Andres ( PBZ ), Wenzel ( HH ), Eisenmann, Sessler ( Sch ), and private source ….. To The Beat Of Drums And The Sound Of Trumpets – The Bey of Tunis Drives Out — A Gorgeously Colored Intermezzo — A Side-Show of the War / PK photographs by war correspondent Bueschgens ( PBZ ) ….. Gerhard Taschner – First Conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra / Photographs by Degenhardt ( Munich Illustrated Report ) ….. Mysterious Tibet – The First Documentary Film from Lhasa, the Forbidden City / Photographs by Schaefer Expedition Ufa ….. We of the Destroyer Planes – Experiences On Every Front ( Part III ) / By Hauptmann Kiel, Drawings by H. von Medley ….. From the Editor’s Scrapbook – Inherited Airmindedness / Drawing by Ciesielski ….. He Was One of Our Best / By war correspondent Udo Wolter ….. One Hundred Times Round the Globe – Bomber wing carries out five thousand flights over the enemy / By Dr. Pessl, War Correspondent ….. “Pan, Mes – ser – schmitt?” – A Name with a Significance even for the Young Folk in the Ukraine / By Karl Heinz Vollmann, War Correspondent ….. Pastime ….. What is that? ….. Cartoons – All good things come from Heaven / Drawings by Jac. K. Martin