Der Adler English Edition 1942 12 15 nr 25 (PDF)


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Cover: Three at one Stroke ……. The photographer was just on the spot as Sergeant Kloepper, wearer of the Knight’s Cross, pilot in the Moelders fighter group, landed after a desperate air battle with Russian fighter pilots. He was thus able to snap the ace as he was holding up three fingers to signify three downs as the result of a single mission. PK – Photograph by War Correspondent Grosse (HH) ….. Articles Inside … And thus his example still continues to act – The Legacy of Ace Werner Moelders / By War Correspondent Siegfried Kappe. Illustrated by War Correspondent Helmut Grosse ….. The End of a British Tanker – The Luftwaffe Dislocates Supplies For North Africa – Photographs courtesy of the Luftwaffe ….. Fw 189 Observation Plane – Victorious Combat Follows a Successful Mission – Pk Drawings by War Correspondent Ellgaard ….. The Flying Dutchman or A Light Railroad for Every Aerodrome / PK photographs by the war correspondent by Seuffert ( Wb ) ….. Training For An Emergency – Airmen practice with a collapsible dinghy in the Mediterranean / PK photographs by the war correspondent Ellerbrock ( HH ) ….. Before the First Flight over the Enemy – Young Bomber Crews Receive Instruction from Experienced Pilots Who Have Raided England / PK photographs by the war correspondent Speck ( HH ) ….. Neither strong arms, nor superior weapons serve to gain victories, but strength of mind / Fichte ….. Oak Leaves to the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross – Major-General Ramcke and Leutnant Wurmheller ….. How They Won the Knight’s Cross – Oberstleutnant Schrader, Major Alpers, Hauptmann Liesendahl, Hauptmann Hamester, Hauptmann Leicht, Oberleutnant Freytag, Oberleutnant Mossdorf, Oberleutnant Wehmeyer, Oberleutnant Michalski, Leutnant Krner and Leutnant Zellot ….. Ireland The Misused Island – A Nation’s Struggle For Independence / By Robert Bauer / Photographs: Tschira Bilderdienst, Map: Kurzhauer ….. We of the Destroyer Planes – Experiences On Every Front ( Part II ) / By Hauptmann Kiel, PK Photographs by the War Correspondent Schmelzenbart ( Sch ), Drawings by H. von Medley ….. The Most Important Aircraft of the Royal Air Force ( Part II ) Lancaster – Manchester – Whirlwind – Halifax – Stirling – Kittyhawk / Photographs supplied by Courtesy of Archiv Deutsche Luftwaffe ….. A Visit to Etna – German soldiers make the acquaintance of the biggest volcano in Europe / PK Photographs by the War Correspondent Ellenbrock ( Sch ) ….. Marvels of Reality – The 2nd German Educational Film Week in Munich / Photographs by Bavaria, DFG, Ufa and Wien-Film ….. Masterpieces in Wood and Porcelain – Viennese Artistic Handicraft / Written and Illustrated by Dr. H. Franz ….. Advent – A Berlin School of Dancing Visits Wounded Soldiers / Photographs by Hanna Tschira ….. A Thousand Streams, A Thousand Peaks – The Country Between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea / By Walter Henkels, War Correspondent ….. Winnie Markus ….. Christmas in an Armoury of the German Air Corps / Photographs by Barbara Luedecke and Junkers FM ….. Pastime ….. What is that? ….. Cartoons – Crazy Capers / Drawings by Bartha, Jeannin-Ribettes, Grueneberg, Martin and Siegel