Der Adler English Edition 1942 12 01 nr 24 (PDF)


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Cover: Relay Raids ……. One wave after another of Heinkel He 111 bombers approaches its objective above the clouds of smoke rising to a height of several hundred feet. The German Luftwaffe is constantly engaged with the enemy and effectively supports the ground, troops in their heavy fighting. / Luftwaffe Photograph ……. Articles Inside … Destroying Supplies – Relay Raids On Oil Tanks and Ammunition Trains / PK Photographs by the War Correspondents Sperling, Schuerer ( Sch ) and Niermann ( Wb ) ….. Pack Animals Carry Anti-Aircraft Guns – Irresistible Advance in the Mountains of the Caucasus / PK Photographs War Correspondent Rieder ( Sch ) ….. Mussolini, the Airman – An Interview with Mussolini at the Palazzo Venezia / By Rolf Italiaander, Photographs Courtesy of Archiv Italiaander, Scherl ….. The Most Important Types of the Royal Air Force / Photographs supplied by Archiv Deutsche Luftwaffe ….. The Heinkel He 111 Bomber ….. Six Men of the Anti-Aircraft Defence – The Gun Crew of a 20mm Anti-Aircraft Gun Bring Down Fourteen British Planes / PK Photographs War Correspondent Doelfs ( Sch ) ….. Sent to the Bottom / Photograph by Courtesy Italian Air Corps ….. Speedier, Steeper, and Higher – The Salient Features of the Controllable Pitch Propeller / By Wolfgang Wagner / Photographs by Junkers FM ….. It is the custom of the Germans to face their opponents honorably and to vanquish them manfully and not treacherously. / Emperor Heinrich II ….. How They Won the Oak Leaves to the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross – Hauptmann Schweickhardt, Hauptmann Schenck, Oberleutnant Rall, Oberfeldwebel Stotz, Oberfeldwebel Zwernemann ….. How They Won the Knight’s Cross – Oberleutnant Barkhorn, Oberleutnant Bornschein, Oberleutnant Nemecek, Leutnant Hemmer, Leutnant Hennemann, Leutnant Nowotny, Oberfeldwebel Schleef and Oberfeldwebel Kloepper ….. We of the Destroyer Planes – Experiences On Every Front / By Hauptmann Kiel, PK Photographs by the War Correspondent Schmelzenbart ( Sch ), Drawings by H. von Medley ….. British Bomber Provides Comforts for Our Troops / PK Photographs by the War Correspondent Dietrich ( Wb ) ….. The Standard Training Airplane – The Klemm K35 Airplane is Used at an Aviation School of the German Air Corps. / Photographs by Ruge ….. The Emergency Technical Corps Fits Up Obstruction Lights / Photographs by Felisch, TN Correspondent ….. The Danube – From the Black Forest to the Black Sea / Photographs by Willy Pragher ….. “Love Me a Little” / Photographs Ufa ( Gradow ) ….. Both Draw In Their Legs – The “Undercarriage” in Birds and Aircraft. By Joachim Mattias / Photographs by Deutche Lufthansa and Scherl ….. Telegraph Pole WL 6023. By Major Kierfeld, Drawings by H. von Medley ….. Werner von Siemens – The Fiftieth Anniversary of His Death Falls on December 6, 1942 / Photograph Courtesy of Siemens Archiv ….. Pastime ….. What is That? ….. Cartoons – Weathermen / Drawings by Gerd Pinguin and Nebel