Der Adler English Edition 1942 10 20 nr 22 (PDF)


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Cover: Lost in the Desert ……. A plane appears on the horizon on the second morning of an arduous march through the dreary waste of sand. The crew of a Junkers 88 bomber that had been forced down, immediately try to attract attention by smoke signals. The first attempt fails, but they have more success with a second plane which is also in search of them and are rescued. Our article in this issue describes their experiences during the anxious hours preceding that moment. PK – photograph by Ziock (PBZ), war correspondent ……. Articles Inside: … Lost in the Desert / PK written and illustrated by Ziock (PBZ), war correspondent ….. Air Battle Over the Pyramids / PK drawing by Ellgaard, war correspondent ….. Submarine and Seaplane – Transmitting Orders On The High Seas / PK photographs by Andres ( HH ) war correspondent ….. Over Pack-Ice and Glaciers – The Convoy War in the Arctic Ocean / By Gerhard Jaeckel, War Correspondent, PK photographs by the Luftwaffe, Map by Trester ….. A Four-Engined Soviet Bomber Shot Down… And Here A German Four-Engined Bomber / Photographs by the Luftwaffe ….. Anatomy of a Modern Bomber – View of the Interior of a Junkers Ju 88 / Drawing by Schaffer ….. Men of the Reich Labour Corps at a Field Aerodrome / PK photos by Arnhold ( Sch ), Kreten ( Sch ), Tomaschek ( Sch ), war correspondents and Starnberger ….. Fortune Favours The Brave ….. Oak Leaves with Swords to the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross – Hauptmann Helbig ….. Oak Leaves to the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross – Oberleutnant Mueller, Oberleutnant Tonne, Leutnant Schmidt, Leutnant Beisswenger und Feldwebel Reinert ….. How They Won the Knight’s Cross – Hauptmann Amelung, Hauptmann Stoffreger, Hauptmann Kahl, Hauptmann Flechner, Oberleutnant Sumpf, Leutnant Graber und Feldwebel Lucas ….. Now a lump of sugar — now a lash of the whip – United States Imperialism in South America / By Dr. Walther Jantzen, Map by Trester, Photograph Scherl-Bilderdienst ….. The Blue Swastika On A White Field – Comrades of the Finnish Air Force / By Markus Joachim Tidick, War Correspondent ….. From the Editor’s Scrapbook – Balloons Burst At An Altitude of Eighteen Miles ….. Laundrying Parachutes / PK photographs by Speck ( PBZ ), war correspondent ….. Baling Out In The Midst Of The Enemy – Parachute Troops Take Part In The Production Of A Film Showing Their Own Deeds / Photographs by Tobis ….. Authors from Fifteen Countries / Written and illustrated by Dr. H. Franz ….. Gerhart Hauptmann – The Poet’s Eightieth Birthday on November 15 / Photographs Scherl-Bilderdienst ….. Over The Roofs Of Bucharest – Two Rumanian Dancers Practise For A Tournee In Germany / Photographs by Willy Pragher ….. Volga Ships Blaze Like Torches – Night Raid On Soviet Transport Ships / By Albert Lammer, War Correspondent ….. Flight Through the Steppe / By Heinz Ockhardt, War Correspondent ….. Pastime ….. What is That? ….. Cartoons – Squadron Mascots between Themselves / Drawings by Gerhard Strauch ( Dondo ), Sep Arnemann, Joseph Mauder