Der Adler English Edition 1942 10 20 nr 21 (PDF)


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Cover: … The Fifth Wearer of the Diamonds ……. Captain Graf has placed himself at the head of all German Aces by an unparalleled series of air victories; in the course of which he shot down more than two hundred opponents. The Fuhrer has awarded him the Oak Leaves with Crossed Swords and Diamonds to the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross, being the fifth soldier to obtain that distinction. / PK – photograph by Volderauer (Wb), war correspondent ……. Articles Inside … The Inferno Stalingrad – A Fight for Every House and Every Street — The Luftwaffe Ceaselessly Engaged / PK photographs by the war correspondents Niermann (HH, PBZ, Wb), Schmidt-Geyer (PBZ), Rothkopf (Sch), Geller (Sch), Heine (Sch) ….. Flying Freight Cars – Transport Planes Bringing Supplies to the Front Line / PK Photographs by the War Correspondent Kling (Sch) ….. Bazi Makes His Six Hundredth Flight – At the Beginning of the War in the Labor Corps — Today One of the Most Successful Strafer Pilots / By War Correspondent Hans Hempe, Drawings by War Correspondent Ellgaard ….. Soviet Military Aircraft II / Photographs Archive Der Adler ….. Economic Planning Based on a Bird’s-Eye View – Aerial Photography As An Important Aid In The Development Of The Territory in The East / By Dr. von Schumann, Photographs Archive of Dr. v . Schumann ….. How They Won the Knight’s Cross – Hauptmann Koehnke, Oberleutnant Moehle, Oberleutnant Henze, Oberleutnant Schoenert, Oberleutnant v. Ballasko, Oberleutnant Hinrichs, Oberleutnant Schmitz, Leutnant Hanne, Leutnant Klaiber, Leutnant Stahlschmidt, und Oberfeldwebel Stumpf ….. Death Rages On The Don / Pk Drawings by War Correspondent Ellgaard ….. The Blue Squadron In Russia – Scenes From The Field Airdrome Of The Spanish Volunteers / PK Photographs by the War Correspondent Nagel ( Wb ) ….. Gathering Mushrooms / PK Photographs by the War Correspondent Marten ( PBZ ) ….. We Fly Because We Want To Help – Women Serve as Good Samaritans with the Rumanian Air Force / Photographs by Ilse Steinhoff ….. Where Cleopatra Bathed — The Oasis Of Siwa – The Most Southernly Outpost Of The German-Italian Front In Africa / PK Photographs by the War Correspondents Dr. Pauli ( HH ), Otto ( Atl ), Zieck ( Sch ), and Schloesser ….. Blue Swastika on a White Field – Comrades of the Finnish Air Force II / By War Correspondent Mark Joachim Tidick ….. Home Again To Dieppe – Reunion With The Released Prisoners Of War / PK Photographs by Schoedl ( Wb ), Scher-Bilderdienst ….. Mozart – A Film Shows Episodes From His Career / Photographs by Wien-Film ( Schaschek ) ….. Poison instead of Honey – The First Bee-Poison Farm In The World / Photographs by Presse-Hoffmann ….. Hertha Feiler ….. Leutnant H. Tackles Two Tanks Single-handed / By Walter Henkels, War Correspondent, Drawings by Preiss, War Correspondent ….. A Fighter Pilot Celebrates A “Birthday” – All Because The Engine Did Not Start In Time — Life And Death A Matter Of Seconds / Herbert Scharkowski, War Correspondent ….. Pastime ….. What is that? ….. Cartoons – Bats in the Belfry / Drawings by Bartha, Dehn, Grneberg, Mauder, Rechenberg