Der Adler English Edition 1942 10 06 nr 20 (PDF)


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No. 20 ……. Cover: Light Anti-Aircraft Artillery to the Front! – Light Anti-Aircraft guns have been rushed to the Front to overpower heavily fortified positions in a Russian village. The well-directed fire of the rapidly mobile guns eliminated the stubbornly defended islets of resistance. ……. Articles Inside: … Light Anti-Aircraft Artillery to the Front! – Well-Tried and Extremely Successful in Ground Fighting / PK photographs Vieth (Atl), Biewend (Wb), Wehner (Sch) and Luetzow war correspondent ….. Tank Trap South-west of Kaluga ….. A Citadel of Research – The Deutsche Versuchsanstalt fuer Luftfahrt Celebrates Its Thirtieth Anniversary / By Gerhard Meyer ….. General Rehearsal for Inflatable Dinghies / PK photographs by Schoedl (Wb) war correspondent ….. The Last Few Minutes – Hauptmann Gassmann briefs Squadron Leaders ….. The Defensive Front on the Atlantic Coast / PK photographs by Kreutzer (Sch), Grosse (Atl), Krause, Rothkopf and Genzler (Sch) war correspondent ….. A Great Figure of German Aviation – Death of Carl August Freiherr von Gablenz / By Dr. Heinz Orlovius ….. Raising Crops on the Airdrome – German Airmen Cultivate Every Inch of Waste Ground / PK photographs by Brost (Sch), war correspondent ….. Nocturnal Fighting in the Channel / PK photographs by Kulm (Wb), war correspondent ….. Awards ( Oak Leaves with Swords and Diamonds to Oberleutnant Marseille, Oak Leaves with Swords to Hauptmann Muncheberg, Oak Leaves to Oberleutnant Sigel, Oberst Bormann, Hauptmann Braendle, Hauptmann Steinhoff, Hauptmann Zemsky KIA, Hauptmann Druschel and Hauptmann Wilcke ) ….. Iran – A Buffer Zone between the Soviet Union and England / By Dr. Walter Jantzen ….. Soviet Military Aircraft / Photographs Archiv Der Adler ….. Reinforcements for Africa /PK photographs by Dressler (Sch), war correspondent ….. A “Condor” Bomber over Iceland – German Bombers Keep Watch on the North Sea / PK photographs by Kulbe (PBZ), war correspondent ….. The Spirit of Sport and the Team Spirit / Photographs by Schirmer ….. The Blue Svastika on a White Field – Comrades of the Finnish Air Force / By Markus Joachim Tidick, War Correspondent ….. From the Editor’s Scrapbook – Hungaria Parachutist Stamps ….. How the Titanic Went Down – A Film Reveals the Background of the Sinking of the Titanic / Photographs by Tobis (Hoinkis and Ewald) ….. Thirteen Sensational Turns – Merry Play with a Serious Tendency / Photographs by Weishaupt-Schroeder ….. Bailing Out in No Man’s Land – Heinkel 111 Bomber Attacked by Three Rata’s / German Artillerymen Rescue Airmen from the Bolshevists / By Heinz Ockhardt, War Correspondent ….. Pastime ….. Who is That? ….. Strange Doings between Heaven and Earth Cartoons / Drawings by R. Jeannin and H. Ribettes