Der Adler English Edition 1942 09 22 nr 19 (PDF)


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Cover: … Victor in One Hundred and Fifty Air Combats ……. The Fuehrer awarded the Oak Leaves with Swords and Diamonds to the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross, the highest German distinction for bravery, to Major Gordon Gollob, Commodore of a fighter group, on the occasion of his one hundred and fiftieth air victory, being the third soldier in the German forces to receive that honor. / PK photograph by Heinz (PBZ), war correspondent ……. Articles Inside: … Mission: To Support the tank advance – Stukas Attack Concentrations of Soviet Tanks and Vehicles / Specially written for the Adler by Helmut Grosse, War Correspondent ….. Heavy Bombs for England – Loading up German Bombers / PK photographs by Huehne, war correspondent ….. The Fight for Stalin’s Town – A Dive-Bomber Group Raids Stalingrad / By Werner Thaler, War Correspondent ….. One of Many ( Downed British Pilot ) / PK photographs by Eisenhart, war correspondent ….. Before the Shades of Evening Fall – How Churchill’s Attempt at Invasion Broke down at Dieppe / PK photographs by Meyer-Wiltberger (Sch), Koll (Sch), Roth (Sch) and Schneider war correspondents ….. A Night Spent Between Bolshevists – By Rolf von Pebal, War Correspondent (KIA) ….. The Squadron’s Pets / PK photographs by Blaschka (Atl), Elsner (Wb), Genzler, Petertil and Sperling (PBZ) war correspondents ….. Desert Warfare Viewed from the Wings / PK photographs by the war correspondents Hausmann (Sch), Rob, A. E. Bauer (Sch), Bauer (Sch), Brandt (Wb), Hartmann (Sch), Valtingojer (Sch), Otto (PBZ), Weltbild (Luce) and Schloesser ….. Rotating Wings – Helicopter and Autogyro / By Gerhard Meyer ….. Great Successes are Attained by Risking Something / Moltke ….. The Fuehrer awarded Flight Lieutenant Baumbach, wing commander in a bomber group, the Oak Leaves with Swords to the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross and to Major Collewe, the Oak Leaves to the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross ….. How They Won the Knight’s Cross: … Flight Lieutenant Mader … Flight Lieutenant Kuhlmey … Flying Officer Herrmann … Flying Officer Becker … Pilot Officer Blume … Sergeant Major Henning … Sergeant Major Zwernemann ….. The Crew of a Reconnaissance Plane – A Film Dealing with the Work of Our Long-Distance Reconnaissance Pilots / PK photographs by Roeder (HH), war correspondent ….. The First Langemarck Students from Abroad – Students from Flanders and Holland Attend Course of Instruction according to the Langemarck Study Scheme of the Reichsstudentenfhrung / Photos: Tschira-Bilderdienst (Schmackeit) ….. BMW – Aero-Engines / Photographs by BMW ….. Gliding in the Mountains / Photographs NS-Fliegerkorps (Riehme) ….. A Soviet Fighter Pilot Slips Up – A Do 17 Plane Survives Being Rammed by a Rata / By Wolfgang Kchler, War Correspondent ….. The Battery Was Silenced – Airmen Take Part in the Fighting for the El Alamein Positions / By Hans Lempp, War Correspondent with Drawings by H. v. Medvey ….. Pastime ….. What is That? ….. No Man is Born Master of His Craft (Cartoons) / Drawings by Nebel, Bartha and Hess