Der Adler English Edition 1942 09 08 nr 18 (PDF)


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Cover: The Armorer ……. It all depends upon the conscientious way in which the armorer carries out his duties whether the pilot of the Me 109 fighting plane emerges as the victor from his next air combat. The pilot must be able to rely implicitly on the work of his armorer – success and performance are based on the cooperation of flyers and ground personnel. PK – photograph by Roder (PBZ), war correspondent ……. Articles Inside: … Men of Rzev – Airmen Who Took a Prominent Part in the Fierce Defensive Fighting Tell of Their Experiences in Russia / PK text and photographs by Grosse ( Sch ), Strobel ( Sch ) and Seidat, War Correspondents ….. Two Fronts and a Railroad – The Luftwaffe Blockades the Soviet Gateway to the Arctic Ocean / By Oberleutnant Markus Joachim Tidick ….. The Irresistible Southward March – The German Advance to the Causasus / PK photographs by War Correspondents Wahner, Tidick ( PBZ ) and Schueze ( Sch ) ….. Water! / PK photographs by War Correspondents Gross ( HH ) Tannenberg, Lossnitzer, Otto ( Sch ) ….. Five Days and Five Nights Adrift at Sea – Chivalrous Action of the Crew of a German Reconnaissance Plane / Drawings by H. von Medvey ….. We do not desire to achieve anything for ourselves, but everything for Germany alone – Adolf Hitler ….. How They Won the Knight’s Cross – Generalleutnant Hoffmann von Waldau, Hauptmann Mueller, Hauptmann Braendle, Hauptmann Hackl, Oberleutnant Pfaffendorf, Oberleutnant Knacke, Oberleutnant Wagner, Oberleutnant Simsch, Leutnant Neunoff, Leutnant Hannack ….. Oak Leaves to the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross – Hauptmann Hackl and Oberfeldwebel Beerenbrock ….. The Caucasus – as International Crossroad, Military Roads That Have Made History / By Gotthart Meyer, Photograph by Scherl-Bilderdienst ….. Viewed from Three Angles – An Air Raid and how It Strikes the Crew / By War Correspondent R. Schiffmann / PK Drawings by Wilhelm Baitz ….. Death of General Thomsen / Photograph by Presse-Hoffmann ….. Death of General Thomsen / Photograph by Presse-Hoffmann ….. Five Men Attend to Toni / PK photographs by Roeder ( Sch ), War Correspondent ….. Germanin – A German Achievement of the Benefit of Civilization / Photographs Ufa-Krahnert ….. Salzburg Festival 1942 / Specially written for the Adler by Dr. H. Franz ….. Transnistria – Rumania’s Reconstruction Work between Dniester and Bug / Special report by our editor Dr. H. Franz from his visit to Eastern Europe ….. Children’s Joy on the Baltic Coast – A Visit to Children Evacuated to the Seaside / Photographs Scherl-Bilderdienst ….. The Arctic Ocean Was Strewn with Wreckage – Germain Airmen Gain Great Success — American Help Fails to Reach Archangel also / By Ludwig von Danwitz, War Correspondent ….. Landing with Blinded Eyes – Heroism of the Crew of a German Reconnaissance Plane in Russia / By Harry Gehm, War Correspondent ….. Pastime ….. What is That? ….. Cartoons – Summer’s Joys / Drawings by Rudolf Schwarz, Erich Stange, Harder and Mauder