Der Adler English Edition 1942 08 25 nr 17 (PDF)


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Cover: A Condor Patrols the Seas ……. The German long-distance reconnaissance plane of the Focke-Wulf “Condor” type carries out extensive flights over wide stretches of ocean from the icy regions of the north to the coasts of Africa for the purpose of spotting enemy convoys and guiding submarines and bombers to fresh objectives. / Luftwaffe photograph ……. Articles Inside … The Eternal Round of Taking off, Diving, and Taking off again – The Ceaseless Rhythm of the Raids of a Dive Bomber Wing at the Russian Front / PK Photographs by the War Correspondents Grosse and Schalber ( HH ) ….. An Me 109 Plane Drops Bombs / PK Photographs by the War Correspondents Boback, Genzler and Meinhold ….. And then a Change of Boat had to be made – A Submarine Picks up Airmen Forced down on the Ocean / Pk Drawings by War Correspondent Ellgaard ….. Dark Designs round the Dark Continent – The Position of West Africa in Anglo-American Strategy / By Wolf Schmalfuss ….. No Life Without Strife / Bismarck ….. The Oak Leaves to the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross – Oberleutnant Bauer und Oberleutnant Clausen ….. How They Won the Knight’s Cross – Hauptmann Steen, Hauptmann Dilley, Oberleutnant Krems, Oberleutnant Lion, Oberleutnant Stimpel, Oberleutnant Schrepfer, Oberfeldwebel Schalles, Oberfeldwebel Teige, Oberfeldwebel Stotz, Feldwebel Mueller ….. They Returned Home in Spite of All – Even Serious Damage by Gunfire Failed to Bring down German Airplanes / Photographs by PK Luftwaffe, Obschonka, Leo ( Sch ), and Seuffert ( PBZ ), War Correspondents ….. A Monster of Steel – An Anti-Aircraft Battalion Bags Its One Hundredth Tank / By Karl Dauscher, War Correspondent ….. Polished and Burnished – Cleaning Time at a Searchlight Battery / PK Photographs by the War Correspondent Mayer ( Wb ) ….. The Minister for the Eastern Areas Visits the Ukraine / Photographs by Hans H. Hartmann ….. Adler Illustrated Interviews: Irina Burnaia / Text and photographs by Dr. H. Franz ….. The Wonders of Plant Breeding / Photographs by Ufa-Kulturfilm ….. With Thee, Lili Marlen – Concert on the Tarmac, by Request / PK-Illustrated and written by Helmut Grosse, war correspondent ….. The Red Plus Ring Far and Near / Photographs by Curt Ullmann ….. Fighter Pilots Take Part in the Decathlon / PK photographs by the war correspondents Haussmann and Guentzel ….. Portraits of Airmen – Erich Cleff, Battle Painter of the Luftwaffe / Photographs by Alex Stoecker ….. A Window with an Outlook into Universal Space – In the Astronomical Observatory of Berlin University / Photographs by Curt Ullmann ….. Plunging into the Darkness of the Night / By Ockhardt, War Correspondent ….. Look out! There’s a Spitfire Abreast to Starboard! – Surprise Attack on a Bomber Formation Radio Operator Brings down a Spitfire / By Hans A. Kastner, War Correspondent ….. A Little Radio Transmitter on the Coast of the Arctic Ocean: In Praise of the Finmark Station / By Obergefreiter Fischer ….. Pastime ….. What is That? ….. Cartoons – Tendency: Mainly Fair