Der Adler English Edition 1942 08 11 nr 16 (PDF)


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No. 16 ……. Cover: Comradeship among Airmen ……. Captain Zemsky, wearer of the Knight’s Cross, who has piloted a Ju 87 divebomber in five hundred raids, together with his faithful radio operator, who simultaneously completed his four hundredth flight over the enemy. PK – photograph by Major v. Pebal (Wb), war correspondent ……. Articles Inside: … Bombing the Murman Railroad – The Gateway to the Soviet Union constantly under Fire. PK photographs by Hebenstreit (Wb), and Kulbe (Wb), war correspondents ….. Safe – Airman Shot Down over Enemy Territory Makes His Way Back to the German Lines. PK written and illustrated by Pfuelb (HH), war correspondent ….. Only Real Men Need Apply – Recruits for the Parachutists. PK written and Illustrated by Schnitzer, war correspondent ….. Wind-T for Seaplanes / PK photographs by Hoess (PBZ), war correspondent ….. The Youngest Officer to be awarded the Oak Leaves with Swords – A Visit to Oberleutnant Marseille during an Interval between Air Fights. PK-Photographs by Dettmann (PBZ, Atl, HH and Wb), war correspondent ….. Muscles as Prime Movers – Flight by Human Motive Power. By Gerhard Meyer, photographs supplied by Archiv Willi Stiasny ….. How They Won the Knight’s Cross ( Oberst Rath, Major Zeidler, Hauptmann Hennings KIA, Hauptmann Bauhaus, Hauptmann Gassmann, Oberleutnant Lehmann, Oberleutnant Bischoff KIA, Oberleutnant zur Lippe-Weissenfeld, Oberleutnant Wiegand, Oberleutnant Sy, Oberleutnant Hackl, Leutnant Schmalz, Leutnant Huebner KIA, Leutnant Hannig, Leutnant Beisswenger, Leutnant Jaekel, Stabsfeldwebel Weigel, Oberfeldwebel Kempf, Oberfeldwebel von Poremski and Feldwebel Wachowiak ) ….. Award of the Oak Leaves with Swords to Field-Marshal General Kesselring. Photograph by Telch, war correspondent ….. Sunshine, Wind and Waves – Gunners of the Light Anti-Aircraft on a North Sea Island. Specially photographed for the ADLER by our Representative Dr. H. Franz ……. SOS in the Arctic Ocean – Survivors of the Convoy Disaster Narrate Their Experiences / “Those Who Fell Asleep, Froze to Death” By Ludwig von Danwitz, war correspondent, Drawings by H. von Medvey ….. What Stresses Can Be Imposed on an Airplane. Photographs by Dr. H. Franz, Deutsche Versuchsanstalt fuer Luftfahrt, JFM ….. Sightseeing in Rome / Written and illustrated by Dr. Weller (Atl) ….. Helping and Healing – From the Main Stocks of the German Red Cross to the Front. Photographs by Curt Ullmann ….. The Lure of Distance Lends Enchantment – A Cross-Section through the new Ufa Color Film “The Golden Town” Photographs by Ufa – Krahnert ….. Refreshing Holidays Spent at Home – Goethe, Railroads, and Film Divas. Photographs by Tobis (Hespos, Satow) Ufa (Waske, Quick), Wien-Film (Marlony) ….. How a Burning Shawl Saved a Man’s Life – Roused from Insensibility after Falling more than 10,000 Feet. By Karl Viertel, War Correspondent, PK drawings by Hans Schimpke, war correspondent ….. Our General Meindl – An Air-Corps Infantry Division and Their Commander / By Marten, War Correspondent ….. The Pilot Kept His Head – Shell Explodes in the Bow Turrent Desperate Air Fight near Alexandria. By Dr. Lempp, War Correspondent ….. Pastime ….. What is That? ….. Tell-Tales by Daylight and Night Fighter Pilots / Overheard and Drawn by Gerd Pinguin