Der Adler English Edition 1942 07 28 nr 15 (PDF)


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Cover: One of a Luftwaffe Patrol – Battalions of the Luftwaffe were employed on the ground also during the hard defensive fighting in the east, from which our forces emerged as victors. They have since then been fighting shoulder to shoulder with their comrades in the army and have rendered signal service in all the operations in which they have been engaged. / PK photograph by Haustein, war correspondent ……. Articles Inside: … Fighting in Morass and Steppe – Air Photos from the Scene of Furious Fighting on a Sector of the Front in Russia / PK written and illustrated by Kling (Sch), war correspondent ….. The Battalions of the Luftwaffe / PK photographs by Wanderer, Leo, and Haustein, war correspondents ….. The Parachute Airplane – How the Do 217 Bomber Dives / PK photographs by Jakoby (Wb), war correspondent ….. Airplane and Submarine – The Weapons of Blockade Warfare / Drawings by Trester ….. Twenty-four Thousand Tons of Bombs on Sevastopol ….. Always under Supervision – The Inspection Room of a Parachute Depot / Written and illustrated by Siedel (PBZ), war correspondent ….. Threat to England’s Position in the Near East – The Eastern Mediterranean as Theatre of War / By H. G. von Studnitz ….. None but a Genuine Warrior can be a Surpassing Victor ….. In grateful recognition of their efforts in the struggle for the future of our nation the Fuehrer awarded the Oak Leaves with Swords to the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross to Flight Lieutenant Gollob and Oak Leaves to the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross to Flying Officer Geisshardt and Flying Officer Setz ….. How They Won the Knight’s Cross: … Flight Lieutenant Leppla … Flight Lieutenant Henne … Flying Officer Hohagen … Flying Officer Rudel … Flying Officer Kiel … Flying Officer Rieger … Flying Officer Tratt … Pilot Officer Scheidig … Top Sergeant Mink … Top Sergeant Tange ….. A Shadow Skims Past / Photograph by Dr. H. Franz ….. His Rescuer’s Last Dread – Hauptmann Kroseberg and the African Airmen / By Fritz Dettmann, War Correspondent and drawing by H. v. Medvey ….. From the Editor’s Scrapbook – A Chemical Laboratory Sixty Miles up in the Air ….. Close-Haul Sail Tacks – Airmen as Yachtsmen / Written and illustrated by Dr. H. Franz ….. Hearts That Beat in Unison – Meeting of the Youth of Europe in Weimar / Photographs Presse-Hoffmann and Atlantic ….. Nor Do the Muses Keep Silence – The Visage of War in the Pictures of the 1942 Great German Exhibition of Art in Munich / Art by Gebhardt, Werner, Lipus, Thoeny and Willrich ….. The Heavy Draught Horse – A Terra Film about the German Heavy Draught Horse / Prepared by the Educational Film Section of the Ufa / Written and illustrated by Wilhelm Prager, Manager ….. A Village is Proud of its Hero / By Ottmar Hass, War Correspondent with Drawings by H. v. Medvey ….. A Ju 88 Bomber in Distress in the Air; Show a Searchlight! / An experience narrated by Corporal H. Reisner with Drawings by H. v. Medvey ….. Nerves of Steel – Leaves from the Diary of a Dive-Bomber Squadron in Russia / By Dr. Kurt Honolka, War Correspondent ….. Pastime ….. What is That? ….. Well, if That Isn’t the Limit! (Cartoons) / Drawings by Arnemann, Mauder and Gruenberg